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Dental Implants

Tired of missing or damaged teeth? As an excellent alternative to dentures, dental implants give you a natural looking replacement without affecting neighbouring teeth. 

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Dental Implants in Cullompton

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At Gold’s Place Dental, we have extensive experience in restoring dental implants with outstanding success. We work closely with a local, expert implant surgeon who has placed over 1,000 dental implants. Together, we provide a fully comprehensive implant service using state-of-the-art equipment and techniques.

All treatment, which includes single tooth implants, full mouth solutions as well as more complex cases that may include bone grafting and/or a sinus lift, is provided in a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere.


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Dental Implant Consultations

When we understand what you would like to achieve we will complete a full assessment which will include two dimensional x rays of the implant site.

On completion we will advise you on any different treatment options, including the advantages and disadvantages. We will take time to explain the procedure to you – so you understand what will happen at future appointments. A full written quotation will be provided.

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The Benefits of Dental Implants

Talk, smile and eat with confidence
Improved facial appearance
As comfortable as your own teeth
Improved speech
Prevent bone loss
Easy to keep clean
Can last a lifetime
Can be placed without having to alter any adjacent healthy teeth

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