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We aim to provide you with a great dental experience, as well as helping you to have a confident, healthy smile that you can be proud of. Dr Olga Palmer and the team like to go above and beyond for all of our patients

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From a little anxious to a full dental phobia, we’re here to keep you relaxed and comfortable

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Many people get anxious about a trip to the dentist but don’t worry, our practice takes care of nervous patients from the moment they come through our door.

It’s important to keep on top of your dental health by keeping regular appointments. The best way to avoid complex (and costly) dental treatments is to prevent them with good dental hygiene and routine check-ups.

We can guarantee that your dental care will be provided in the gentlest manner possible and we will make sure you stay comfortable throughout your treatment.

patient-focused private dental practice

for you and your family.

Dr Palmer is often complimented on her gentle approach to her work. A perk of having a small practice is that every patient gets the full attention of the dental professionals at Gold’s.

Just let us know if you’re a at all anxious and we’ll ensure you receive relaxed and comfortable dental experience.

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