Preventive Dentistry

Examinations & Hygiene

At Gold’s Place Dental we advise that regular examinations, or check-ups, are important even if you carry out the perfect oral hygiene routine with regular brushing and flossing. You may not be able to spot potential problems by yourself in your own bathroom mirror.

We will give you a thorough dental health examination, with oral cancer screening as standard. We strongly believe in the motto – “Prevention is better than cure”, and recommend an examination every 6 months to ensure problems are caught early on and treated when they need a “little fix”, instead of waiting until it hurts and a more drastic and costly solution is required. Our membership plan (link) involves small, regular monthly payments and is an excellent way to spread the cost of your dental care over a year. It saves you money too!

When providing a scale and polish at your hygiene appointment we can use a special topical anaesthetic designed to relieve discomfort during this procedure. We always make our patients feel in control during their time in the dental chair.

Root Canal Treatment

When decay is extended to the pulp (nerve) of the tooth then you will be advised to have a Root Canal Treatment, also known as Endodontics or root fillings. Decay or injury can destroy the living pulp. Because dead pulp lacks a blood supply, it is more prone to infection, leading to an abscess and toothache. Root Canal Treatment means removing damaged or dead pulp and filling in the space left. The remaining tooth can then be repaired and the procedure is carried out under a local anaesthetic.

Depending on the type of tooth the length of your appointment can vary from 30 minutes to an hour. The dentist will always give you time to have a rest if you need it. Usually it requires two appointments but can be done in one appointment depending on the situation. After your root filling you will be advised to have either a normal filling, crown or inlay to restore the rest of the tooth.

Patient Feedback

“I had a filling done recently and Olga did a very good job on replacing it. She is very competent and thorough and I felt no discomfort during the treatment”.


The practice is very gentle and treatment is explained clearly by the dentist. The staff are always helpful, friendly and polite. I was previously petrified of visiting dentists and since I have attended this practice I have found the practice to be professional and provides a personal experience to me and my family. I always see the same people which enables me to feel relaxed, I know what to expect when I visit”.


“Mrs Palmer is very kind and gentle. She always spend time to explain me the different treatment options. The practice itself is very calm and relaxing”.


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